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Mark your calendar!!
2024 Annual Property Owner's Meeting!

This year's Annual Property Owner's Meeting will be held August 3rd beginning at 10am with voting at 11am.
For details, select this link.
There are three board positions opening up due to terms ending:
  • Charles Schoubroek
  • Cheryl Horwart
  • Mike Sellen
The Meeting Packet and ballot have been uploaded to the website. Select the 2024 Annual Meeting tab in the left margin or click HERE*
*NOTE: You must be a registered member of the website to access these documents.

Board of Directors Meeting
  • The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for May 4th
  • The meeting time is 9:30am
  • Location is Dave's barn
  • The agenda has been posted to the calendar entry or you can access it by clicking this LINK
  • Meeting details are in the calendar entry or by clicking HERE
  • Agendas, Minutes, and Treasurer's Reports from past meetings are available in the Board Mtg Archive in the left margin*
*NOTE: You must be a registered member of the website to access these documents.

Click HERE, or "Calendar of Events" in the left margin for more upcoming meeting details and to RSVP. Don't forget, Board meetings are open to all property owners. Owner comments and suggestions are welcome and necessary. If you cannot attend a meeting but have a topic you'd like discussed, send an email to the board, [email protected]

2024 Dues are due!
Statements are being mailed or emailed to addresses on file with ACPOA.
If you would like to pay online, after logging in select the icon in the upper right of the screen (the bell with the number by your name) or select this LINK
It is secure, encrypted, and the payment is posted within 5 business days directly to the bank; No need for postage.‡
† You must be a registered member of the website to pay online
‡A small service fee will be added to your payment. The fee is $14.28 if using a credit or debit card; $5.78 if you use a checking account.

The new front gate motors have been installed and are ready to go!!
Attention all "Creekers", the new gate motors are installed and have been operational as of Saturday, September 23rd
Key points:
  • New gate remotes are required
  • The new remotes are available from Dave Hammerschmidt
  • The cost for the remotes is $20 — cash or check made out to ACPOA
  • The manual gate code to type in at the keypad is the same as before
  • Click HERE for Dave's contact information and the gate code


Fremont County has lifted the fire ban
The Tallahassee Fire Protection District (TFPD) always follows and enforces any (and all) Fire Restrictions imposed by Fremont County.
Burning of trash is illegal by State Law and illegal at all times regardless of fire restrictions.

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Fire danger is  MODERATE 


Please remember the following:
  • You must contact the TFPD Fire Chief by calling (719) 275-3058 to obtain permission for open burning. All requests by District residents or property owners to conduct a controlled burn are subject to prior approval
  • No fire or grill should be left unattended, and shall have an adequate water supply and/or fire extinguisher on site
  • Use water to put out a fire or campfire. Using dirt will not always extinguish a fire and some embers can stay hot underground for a long time
  • You cannot burn tree stumps, tires, plastic, cut lumber, construction debris, trash, chemicals
  • In the State of Colorado, it is illegal to burn anything in barrels (or burn barrels)
Stay informed at the TFPD website: https://tallahasseefpd.colorado.gov/ OR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TallahasseeFPD
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Important Notice!
Please click HERE for a very important message that affects anyone living in or visiting the ranch.

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Request from the Road Committee

The Road Committee is recommending those of us with 4WD to please engage it while driving the roads. When the roads are wet, it increases safety and reduces the depth of ruts by not spinning wheels. When the roads are dry, it reduces the occurrence of tire "chatter" which displaces newly laid gravel. In both cases, the roads we pay so dearly for will benefit.
Thanks to all for your participation!

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